Handmade Party Box

All it takes to make this box is patterned paper and ribbon


Handmade Party Box

Sample Gift Tag Pack

I love the idea of samples. That was the inspiration behind this sample gift tag pack with the inclusion of a thank you notecard. This notecard matches the snowflake gift tags which are ideal for princess themed parties or ideal for dinner parties. Simply tie to your guest’s wine glass. How about a Winter Wedding, attach these snowflake gift tags to your Bonbonnieres. For those who create their products the Handmade with love tags are ideal

Sample Gift Tag Pack

Shimmery Button Gift Tags

It’s a funny thing I love sewing and everything to do with it cotton, buttons, fabric, felt but do you think I can sew a button on … nope it falls off … hard to believe my mother used to make matching outfits for my brother and I growing up. Not a seamstress’s daughter that’s for sure. Nevertheless I love the thought of sewing!

Shimmery Button Gift Tags